LED Red Light Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

LED Red Light (635nm) is clinically shown to improve body contouring and skin appearance without adverse effects in as few as two sessions. Treatments help stimulate fat cells to release energy that's easily metabolized to create a slimmer looking appearance.

Reduce Unwanted Inches

Stimulates cells to release fatty acids which are used during physical activity; reducing inches in arms, abdomen, waist, hips, & thighs.

Reduce Visible Signs of Aging

Increases skin fibroblast activity, produces elastin & collagen fibers to create visibly smoother & younger-looking skin.

Improve Skin Complexion

Stimulates the production of elastin & collagen fibers to create smoother skin.

Stimulate Circulation

Stimulates blood flow & oxygen delivery to improve wound healing.

Reduce Inflammation

Shown to have anti-inflammatory effects similar to NSAIDS (e.g. ibuprofen) by decreasing inflammatory causing proteins.

Significant results have been seen after only six treatments in both men & women

20-25 minute sessions | starts at $55 per session (ask about lower rates on multiple sessions)

Recommended usage of 1-3x per week for 2-6 weeks until desired results achieved


100% uv free & chemical free FDA cleared & clinically proven

Safe & effective for all ages Non-invasive & no downtime




Significant results have been seen in as little at six treatments. For best results, use 3x per week for 2+ weeks.