LED Blue Light Anti-Acne Photofacial

Blue (465nm), & Red (660nm) Light combined in a convenient treatment has been clinically shown to destroy acne-causing bacteria, prevent future breakouts, reduce inflammation, heal existing breakouts, & reduce visible signs of aging.

Destroy Acne-Causing Bacteria

Creates oxygen free radicals to destroy acne-causing bacteria.

Prevent Future Breakouts

Penetrates deeper into the skin reducing redness, inflammation, & sebum (oil) production; decreasing future breakouts.

Reduce Inflammation

Shown to have anti-inflammatory effects similar to NSAIDS (e.g. ibuprofen) by decreasing inflammatory causing proteins.

Heal Existing Breakouts

Stimulates cells to increase collagen synthesis & help heal wounds.

Reduce Visible Signs of Aging

Increases skin fibroblast activity, produces elastin & collagen fibers to create visibly smoother & younger-looking skin.

Significant results have been seen in as little as 8 weeks with regular use

20-25 minute sessions | starts at $55 per session  (ask about lower rates on multiple sessions)

Recommended usage of 3-5x per week

100% uv free & chemical free FDA cleared & clinically proven

Safe & effective for all ages Non-invasive & no downtime