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Infrared Body Wraps

Infrared Body Wraps produce far infrared heat that targets your core rather than heating the air around you. Far Infrared heat increases the body's molecular vibration by vibrating the cell structure to help break the connection between fat and toxin deposits. This generates heat which is then absorbed through the skin. During your Body Wrap session you'll notice an increase in your skins temperature which is caused by enlarged blood vessels, improved stimulation, and blood circulation, and increased metabolism in tissues and cells (similar to what happens during an intense workout or yoga session). Body Wrap sessions are a relaxing 50 minute treatment to help:

  • Relax, de-stress, & improve flexibility
  • Alleviate pain - arthritis, back/neck, sciatica
  • Purge toxins through your body's natural reaction to the heat
  • Reduce cellulite and rejuvenate your skin
  • Burn up to 1400 calories per session



Session time: 30-50 min

Pricing: $35 per session

Recommended Frequency: 3-4x per week




  • Remove any & all makeup, you're going to sweat a lot!
  • Wear loose fitting, thick cotton clothing. Do NOT wear metal, lycra, or thermals.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, & after your session.